Wings of Grace International | Sigulu Island- Lake Victoria Uganda 130 Tanks
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Yesu Anakupenda Water Project

Sigulu Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda – 130 tanks

In May of 2010, Wings of Grace International began a new water project, placing 30 water stations on Sigulu Island in Lake Victoria, Uganda.

The Island of Sigulu has numerous villages with an estimated population of 10,000 people, who tend to be fishermen, farmers, and their families.

Sigulu is a beautiful island with an abundance of vegetation. Inhabitants use the water from the lake, to bathe themselves, wash their clothes, and to take their drinking water…water which is not clean, as there is runoff of excrement into the same water and Bilharzia quite rampant at the shore.

Our aim is to reach all the villages, and within those villages, to first reach those who have the hardest time accessing water. We aim to help them first to be able to make use of the rainwater, and eventually teach them to purify the lake water which they use during the dry season, thereby reducing their exposure to dysentery and other waterborne diseases, such as cholera.

Currently, approximately 60 people or more share each 1000 litre water tank, and as of April 2011, 70 water stations including 9 x 2000 liter tanks for the schools, had been placed on the island.

Each water station costs approx. $200 usd including transport and fluctuations in the currency.

A village where 10 people died of Cholera in rapid succession and we were able to help with 3 tanks on our last trip,

Washing clothes, bodies, dishes and swimming are all done in the same area where water for household drinking purposes is collected.

Arriving at another village on Sigulu, Lake Victoria, Uganda.

An Afriwell staff member holds up one of our taps.

Tanks being moved to the loading zone at Mulukoba Beach, Port Victoria, Kenya.

Landing at a beach on Sigulu Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda, we met the villagers and Tamsin painted 2 tanks while Joram and Samson told them how to fit the taps and how our project works.

Happy villagers with their new tank in Sigulu.

With paint still wet, we got a picture of the family caretaking the tank and some neighbourhood children .

A stand being made in anticipation to receive a tank. We’re so grateful to Samson our co-worker on the island, for instructing the people on how to build a strong, FLAT, solid support.

A tank from our last project 5 years ago.

Even as we were organizing our distribution, a child passed by carrying a 20 litre jerrycan of dirty lake water to his home.

Just part of one man’s family, 6 or 7 wives, 50+ children, dogs, puppies and chickens galore!

Another grateful family who live high up on the hill.

Happy villagers with their new tank in Sigulu.

The final tank being painted on Sigulu at the side of the hut.

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