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Partners in the Work

Johann Tschoppe – Fundraising Dinner

2010 & 2013

In November 2010, Johann Tschoppe, a professional cyclist from the Sion region of Valais Switzerland, held a fundraising dinner and directed all the proceeds to Wings of Grace International.

On November 2, 2013, in his home village of Miège, Valais, Switzerland, a second fundraising dinner was held. Again, all proceeds were in favour of Wings of Grace International.

Poupee Verbier – Handmade Dolls

June 2007

In June of 2007, handmade wire dolls depicting African and Indian women were made by the children of the 1st and 2nd primary classes of the schools in Verbier and Villette, in Valais, Switzerland.

These dolls were made and sold specifically with the goal of raising money to help our water projects. Our congratulations for an excellent idea to Mme. Raphaele Devanthery Maret, the arts and crafts teacher, and of course, to the kids, for the magnificent work they did!!

Thank you for 8 new water stations!!

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