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The Tithe (10%)

We at WoGI decided some years ago that it would be a good thing to do as a small association which struggles to find funds, to help other humanitarian aid works which are in the same predicament as we are.

Early on in our work I was called to a small village in the dunes above Lamu/Shela (where i stayed while i worked on the Manda project) called Mararani, and which is known for making homemade palm wine. Sadly prostitution and drugs are rampant as well and young children of those involved were being brought up in an extremely unhealthy environment.

The people of Mararani had been digging a well for a long time, but had run out of money and motivation to reinforce the sides with cement in order to keep the sand from pouring in.

We decided to help them with a gift of cement (around 500chf) and they were able to complete the well.

From that point on, we established a tithe account where we put 10% of what comes in to our main account. When we encounter water projects which are in process but which need a financial boost to get them through to the end, we step in with what we can to help them get there.

Our criteria is strict but fair. Projects must be proven to be already underway with supplies and man power already established and in use. We clarify that the money we give is not for paying salaries, but strictly to purchase materials to help them to reach the end of their project.

We’ve helped 6 projects thus far. In Lamu, in India,  and 4 in the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo).

Tithe Projects to date:

Currency: Swiss Francs

Mararani, Lamu, Kenya: Funds to help finish the walls of a well. 575

Titus Mandy – Mithapur, India: Large capacity underground rainwater tank being built for home for mentally ill people.   1600

Anita Poncini – Gruppo Lavoro Africa, Congo, RDC: Repair of water pump at school in the bush for Pygmy children. 1000

Paul Bulyalugo, Idjwi, RDC: 2x2000Litre rainwater harvesting tanks for the school and local community.   1000

Liziba Suisse: Restoration of existing water sources and pipes to bring water closer to village. 1000

Guy Luisier, Malanji, RDC: Construction of a water tank to serve the parish. 4000

Guy Luisier, Malandji, RDC: Purchase of a large rainwater harvesting tank to serve the community. 1000

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