Wings of Grace International | Androy Region, District of Tulear, South Eastern Madagascar 112 Tanks
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Tia Azo Ty Jesosy

Androy Region, District of Tulear, Madagascar – 112 tanks

After 2 years of fundraising for a new project in Southern Madagascar, it finally happened! On Dec. 4th Tasmin arrived in Antananarivo, the capital, and on the 7th she flew south to Fort Dauphin where she was met by the representatives of the Anglican Diocese of Toliara, Rev. Donne and Ialy Tongasoa. A very bumpy 5 hour journey took them to Ambovombe, where the first of 100 x 1000L tanks awaited to be painted and distributed.

They were joined by Patrick and Emma, friends, Evangelists and musicians from the capital. Together they made an amazing team who allowed people to see, feel and access the Living God!

The distant villages could only be accessed by foot, oxcart or a very sturdy 4×4. For the people of these villages to purchase a jerrycan of water, it would cost them between 1500-3000Ar which translates to .50-$1 per jerrycan. To us it sounds very reasonable, but to people who earn less than $1/day, it represents a LOT of money for an absolute necessity in life.

Although the rainy season is not always great, the tanks will allow them to purchase and store water from the water seller who carries water in 200 liter containers.

When the rains come, they will now be able to catch the water free of charge!

To all who prayed, donated and encouraged us, we thank you profusely! Although we were out there working with the people, I know without a doubt that it couldn’t have been done without all of you behind us!

While we were on the field, money continued to come in, which allowed us to add another 12 tanks before leaving Madagascar. A big thank you to Arzou at SITA tanks for accommodating us and trusting us to pay the remainder after the fact.

Together we have changed lives forever!

Ambovombe Anglican Church courtyard with 50 tanks waiting to be installed

Preparing to go in Ambovombe

Dry, distant land in an Ambovombe field

A tank in the field in Ambovombe

Tasting a meal of thanks in a distant village

A tank in the field in the Ambovombe countryside

Ambovombe village with tank and Gospel Tracts

200 litre water delivery in Ambovombe town

Preparing for the journey home -Ambovombe

Patrick, Tasmin and a thank you chicken

Heading home with the tank for the village

Transporting a tank from Amboasary

Beloha distribution

Preparing to go from Beloha

Beloha kids with their hands up in thanks!!

Beloha residents say thank you with a Goat!

Tsihombe Tanks

Tsihombe distribution

Children waiting for the tank distribution in Amboasary

Lady at roadside, collecting water from a puddle

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