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Our next project is currently being prepared for the island of Idjwi on Lake Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Lake Kivu is an immense body of water, which has shores in Rwanda and the DRC. It’s a saline lake, which also has a very large pocket of methane gas, making the water undrinkable. Children’s and adults lives are lost each year as they go by dugout canoes to Rwanda or to a part of the island where springs are found.

Idjwi is long and hilly, with a population of approximately 300, 000.  Typhoid, cholera and dysentery are serious problems in this region and can be rectified with clean water for drinking and personal hygiene.

Wings of Grace International are planning to distribute 100 x 2000 litre tanks destined for high traffic areas such as hospitals, dispensaries and schools, and 300 x 1000 litre tanks for villages furthest from a potable water source, allowing 500,000 litres of water catching capacity to be available by the time we’re finished with the first phase of our project.

Each 2000 litre tank will cost US $175 and each 1000 litre tank, US $ 110 including lockable taps and transport.

Total needed for this project:  $50,500 US

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